We use a deep cleaning system for each of your bedrooms on a rotating basis. This ensures that your home is always deeply clean, from the areas you use daily, to those that need the deepest cleanings.


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We are an authority in cleaning services

In Unique Housekeeping Solutions, we provide detailed cleaning services for the homes in Puerto Vallarta. You can count on us to have a clean home without the inconvenience of having to clean yourself.

Our priorities are:

  • Our Clients:

Our customers will always come first. Cleaning services are always affordable and carried out by trained experts.

  • Environment

We protect our environment and only use products that aren’t harmful to nature.

What happens when you count on us

Hiring us will always assure you that:

  • We treat your home with respect.

At Unique Housekeeping Solutions we are committed to respecting your home and its rules, so you can have peace of mind at all times.

  • Satisfaction guaranteed

Our cleaning team is composed of trained professionals and, if for some reason you aren’t satisfied with the service received, we will return the next day to redo it at no cost.

  • Precise and Immediate Online Quotes

Do you have a close meeting? Do you expect to have guests in your home? We will provide immediate quotes so you can enjoy your time and not worry about the disaster.

What happens when you don’t count on us

If you hire someone else, you can expect this …

  • Who is cleaning your house?

Can you really count on the cleaning team you hired? Will they really protect your home and clean it properly?

  • Low expectations

Unfortunately, some cleaning teams don’t have high quality standards or offer a guarantee, there are even cases in which they use low quality products.

  • Waits

Why should you wait for a quote when you can immediately receive it with us?


Keeping your Home Cleaner with our Rotary Cleaning System.





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Q: Who will be cleaning my home?

A: Some of the best people in the industry. Our workers have daily, monthly and annual training sessions. The best thing about our workers is that most of them have a lot of time with us, so their services are spectacular. The team coach will have between 1 and 15 years of experience and training! The average turnover of cleaning companies is 200%, which means that you would get new cleaning people every six months. Our average employee has been with us for more than 5 years. Take a look at the biographies of our employees to know all the details. All members of our team have been subjected to drug screenings and have undergone a thorough background check, and continuous random drug testing is also part of our system. Each team will have between 3 and 5 members. Your team coach and assistant coach will be the same after your initial cleanup. Even if one of our workers is on vacation, you can count on someone else going to your home, this way, you will always have someone you trust doing the job.

Q: Who will be handling my questions, problems, etc.?

A:  Unique Housekeeping Solutions is our office manager will be available for all your needs. Her main job is that you get the service you want, she has been doing it for years and it’s the favorite part of her job. You should only tell her what you need and she will make it happen.

Q: What time will you be at my home?

A: You will decide if you prefer that we arrive in the morning or in the afternoon. Additionally, we will be happy to make a call 2 hours before we arrive. If you won’t be at home when we arrive, we will appreciate you to provide us with a method of entering your home.

Q: What other charges or fees should I expect?

A: That’s easy to answer, we don’t charge for blockings, late cancellations, travel, resolved checks, penalties, etc. as long as the service is specified. You can add additional services for additional charges. If you decide to change the requested service, we will be happy to do so.

Q: Why do you have such large work teams?

A: Large teams can enter and leave your house quickly. Because we have long-term employees and this work is so mechanical, it helps our teams to carry out activities with greater dynamism. They don’t get tired or distracted, as happens with solitary cleaning personnel, because they aren’t at home long enough to lose concentration.

Q: Why does the first cleaning cost more?

A: The first deep cleaning usually gives a lot of work. It’s there where we take care of the most difficult things of cleaning and work in depth. Just removing the refrigerator racks and the microwave will make a big difference on that day. After this initial cleaning, we will spend much less time in your home maintaining the cleanliness. You probably want a spring cleaning once a year or more to clean the moisture from the wood, blinds, fans, etc., but the regular cleaning will probably keep everything perfect most of the time.

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